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Images to Family Certification tests:
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Specimens to Genus Certification tests:
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Testing Events are Posted below or Certification Tests maybe arranged on a request basis.

Family level and Genus Level Certification Tests maybe arranged for individuals and groups in your facility or area as requested. Please contact the TCP to set up a Proctor/Supervisor,test location and date.

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Many Certification Testing events are booked on an individual basis and are not posted. Please get in touch if you interested in setting up a test supervisor and test date in your area.


140. Society for Freshwater Science Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, May 18-23, 2014 -

Voluntary Validation Experiment--Taxonomic Certification Testing for Eastern Group 2 or Western Group 2 (eastern or western EPT) only. Volunteers must agree to attempt both an on-line, image-based exam and a microscopic, specimen-based exam. The image-based test will be administered on Sunday, May 18th from 1:30pm - 5:00pm, at the Portland University computer lab (7 miles from the Oregon Convention Center (OCC)). The specimen-based test will be administered on Monday, May 19th (either morning 8:30-12:00am or afternoon 12:30-4:00pm sessions) at the OCC. At the conclusion of the specimen-based exam, each volunteer will critique the two types of exam by responding to a short questionnaire. As incentives, volunteers will pay only $100 (half the usual registration fee) and can be certified by passing either the image-based exam or the specimen-based exam for the same group of genera (either Eastern Group 2 or Western Group 2).

Space is limited, so please register early.

Updates will appear here as further details are developed.

For meeting details please visit:  


(test registration for this opportunity will close on May 1,2014)

144. Royal Albert Museum, Edmonton, AB June 26th. 2014
Certification examinations will take place in the Invertebrate Zoology Lab at the Royal Alberta Museum in morning and afternoon sessions on June 26th.: Western EPT from 9:00 - 12:00 am then Western General Arthropods from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. Registration will be open for six candidates.Please get in touch with Robert Hinchliffe ( robert.hinchliffe@gov.ab.ca )for further information concerning the venue or Gail Corkum ( gail.corkum@acadiau.ca ) concerning tests.
( Registration for this event will close on June 2nd.,2014 )

Highlands Biological Station, Aug.1 & 15, 2014-

Certification Examinations will be offered in the mornings of 1 and 15 August 2014 for participants in EPT workshops taught by J.C. Morse at Highlands Biological Station, Highlands, NC, during 21 July–01 August 2014 and during 04–15 August 2014. Workshop description and registration at http://highlandsbiological.org/summercourses/ . Separate registration for optional Eastern EPT Certification Exam below.

SFS Certification Examinations will be offered to anyone for any taxon in afternoons of 1 and 15 August 2014, beginning at 1:00 PM, at Highlands Biological Station, Highlands, NC. Please Register using the form below.

Please Note - A place in the examination cannot be assured until payment is received and nor are test results released until payment has been made. 

Registration for SFS Taxonomic Certification Testing:
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To pay (see fee schedule) for the above SFS-TCP Genus Tests. Payment can be made on line, through PayPal after you have submitted your registration form.  Otherwise, you should pay by cheque made out to "SFS(NABS)Taxonomic Certification Program" and given to the test supervisor or sent by mail to the  TCP coordinator.(see address on "Contact" page).



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